Today’s Shimro

Since the foundation in 1978, all of Shimro’s staffs have devoted their best efforts on manufacturing, exporting and importing of both domestic and international musical instruments to accomplish a goal of becoming a leading company in the global musical instruments market.

Considering the unique characteristics of stringed instruments, a traditional way of crafting an instrument called master system promised an exceptional quality but only allowed a very limited quantity of production. Through developing an innovative technology to utilize master system in mass production, Shimro gained a global market attention and is currently exporting our products to 35countries.

Every member of Shimro from a headquarter in Seoul to production facilities in Wonju, TainJin, and Markneukirchen continuously dedicates passion and enthusiasm to further improve our global market presence.

Meet the Heads of the Revolution

Introducing Level 360 — the revolutionary new drumhead technology that's staking a claim for the freedom of drummers everywhere. Freedom to spend more time playing not tuning, jamming not cramming, and expressing themselves with tonal range like never before. From here on out, Evans drumheads will be leading the charge across the board into a new era of innovation & superior performance all-around — 360 degrees to be exact. All 6-20" polyester film heads include the Level 360 collar.

With Evans Level 360, you don't follow the beat, you lead it. That's why we want you to march with us off the beaten path and on to the next level of drumming performance, for a 360 degree revolution.

Filed vs. Unfiled—What Does It Mean?

A reed that goes through one additional cutting process that removes bark from the reed’s shoulders. This allows for faster vibration.

A reed is unfiled when bark from the reed’s shoulders remains intact. Many players enjoy the added resistance of this additional material.

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